Easing Your Child’s Fear of Dentists

Dental visits are known to bring out our worst fears. In fact, adults are as fearful of dentists and dental treatments as children. And it is vital to understand that the fear of dentists instilled at an early age is bound to stay with you for life. This makes it essential for your children to […]

Root Canals Aren’t as Painful – And Here’s Why!

If there’s one terrifying and painful experience most adults have experienced before, it has to be a root canal treatment. At least, that’s what they say! Tales of people you know undergoing painful root canals are enough to scare anyone! However, what many don’t really realise is that the pain they associate with root canal […]

Is Teeth Whitening Right for You?

Teeth whitening has seen an increase in demand over the last couple of years with dentists in St Albans seeing more patients for teeth whitening than any other! Many see it as the answer to their prayers to regain the confidence they lost due to stained teeth. While some people may have discoloured teeth naturally, […]

How to Choose a Good Dentist?

Dental problems are a common occurrence in the lives of people and it spares no one. This very reason has led to dental clinics opening up in every street. So, how do you find out which dental clinic is the right one for you. It’s simple really. A few steps taken on your part can […]

Dentist in Truganina

7 Glaring Signs It’s Time to Visit Your Dentist

Everyone hesitates when visiting the dentist, no matter what age. However, your pearly whites need as much care as you can possibly give, keeping in mind the pain and expense you will have to bear if you let it worsen. To make it easier for you to decide when you should make that little trip […]