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A dental crown is an effective dental treatment which is used to restore a damaged tooth. A dental crown can help you in multiple ways and has numerous advantages. At Dis Dental, we offer dental crowns near Woodlea to help our patients in restoring their beautiful smile and oral health.

Read on and know more about the advantages of our dental crown services.

Advantages of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns provide an efficient solution to a variety of dental problems. They can:

  • It supports your damage tooth and prevents further decay.
  • A dental crown protects your teeth and prevents further damage due to decay.
  • It protects teeth after a root canal treatment.
  • It holds a damaged, cracked or broken tooth in its proper place.
  • It is useful in covering a dental implant
  • Enhance the appearance of your tooth by changing its shape and/or colour

Other than this, here are some more benefits of dental crowns-

  • Aesthetic- A dental crown is most usually made with porcelain material which can replicate replicates the translucent appearance of your natural tooth. Nobody an even recognizes that you have a prosthetic tooth! Our team of highly experienced cosmetic dentists will make sure that the material and shading of your dental crown is suitable to your natural tooth. They take time to ensure that the dental crown fits flawlessly in your and that the bite is perfect.
  • You get chewing support- Chewing support is one of the biggest advantages of a dental crown. Over the years, base materials which are that are used to mould the dental crown have become stronger and more efficient in helping you to get a strong bite.
  • Dental crowns provide you with protection- A dental crown is designed to ‘cap’ an existing tooth or a dental implant. It completely fits over the top and is bonded into place. A dental crown protects the existing tooth that is broken, decayed, or cracked and prevents built-up of bacteria which might cause further damage.
  • Dental crowns are versatile- Depending on your condition, a dental crown can be used with a variety of dental restorations. It is usually used to cap an extremely broken or damaged tooth. It is also used for tooth restoration above dental implants, or as a support to the dental bridge. A dental crown is also used as a cap of a root canal for protection.

Moreover, several scientific studies claim that dental crowns are a feasible and successful alternative for dental restoration.

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