Provision of Dental Services for Third Parties

At Beyond Smiles Dentistry, we also provide dental services to our patients on behalf of selected third parties. These parties include Medicare Australia, under which the Teen Dental Plan, and Chronic Disease Dental Scheme are covered, Veterans Affairs, Medibank Private, and BUPA. The extent of the cost covered by Medicare Australia, and each Private Dental Insurance provider varies greatly.

Medicare Australia

Medicare Australia has ruled that ALL dental services provided under Medicare Australia schemes may be charged at fees set by individual dentist, and the concurrent use of your private health insurance for the same treatment is prohibited. For more information about the Medicare Services and eligibility requirements, refer to or call Medicare Australia on 132 011.

Child Dental Benefit Schedule 2014

The Australian Government Child Dental Benefit Schedule is a dental benefits program for eligible children aged 2-17 years that provides up to $1,000 in benefits to the child for basic dental services. Services that receive a benefit under the program include examination, x-rays, cleaning, fissure sealing, fillings root canals, extractions and partial dentures.

You are required to present your eligibility form or voucher at your appointment. All services provided under the schedule at Beyond Smiles Dentistry will be bulk billed with no out of pocket expense. Your account on the day of treatment is required to be settled in full, and an itemized medicare invoice will be provided to obtain a FULL REFUND from Medicare. Please contact our Beyond Smiles Staff for more detailed information regarding this.

Veteran’s Affairs

Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) will pay for most dental services if you possess a GOLD Repatriation health card, however some dental services are subjected to an annual monetary or time limit. Please contact the department of veterans’ Affairs for more information regarding your eligibility for DVA services.

Medibank Private

Beyond Smiles Dentistry is a Members Choice provider of dental services for Medibank Private Australia. Please refer to Medibank regarding the your individual entitlements as this varies depending on your level of cover.


Beyond Smiles Dentistry is a preferred provider of dental services for BUPA encompassing HBA, MBF, and Mutual Community. Please refer to BUPA regarding your individual entitlements as this varies depending on your level of cover.