If you are in sports, it is most likely that you can get injured and suffer dental injuries. One of the most essential pieces of protective equipment that you can keep for yourself is a sports mouthguard. We have doctors who make mouthguards in a way which gets snuggly wrapped around your teeth protecting you when it’s most required.

  • Personalised Colours

    Who doesn’t like to wear things that complement your jerseys while playing? Well, we can customise the mouthguard in a variety of colours and you can boast this during your matches and tournaments. We can also match the mouthguard with your other gears. We print your name on it so when you misplace it, you can find it immediately. Also, we give you a case for keeping it safe.

  • How They’re Made

    Technically, an impression of your teeth is taken to make a sports mouthguard. We then pour a mould in the material to make an exact replica of your mouth. Later, a thick layer of acrylic is melted and put down over the model. It is trimmed and smoothed for a perfect fit. The mouthguard is ready within a week of taking the impression.

  • Bruxism Splints

    We also offer another type of mouthguard known as bite splint which is used to cure bruxism. This refers to chronic clenching and grinding their teeth because of stress. We have mouthguards for night and day with several designs available.

  • How Long do They Last?

    When your teeth start grinding against the mouthguard, it’s time to get it replaced. As children grow faster, their mouthguard should be updated each season. However, with adults, their mouthguards can last for many years if stored properly.

  • Bite Guard

    If you have undergone any cosmetic dental treatments such as veneers or porcelain crowns, you might likely need a bite guard that will help you to make it last longer. Despite the fact that dental ceramics are strong, they don’t sustain for long.

Mouthguards are thus an essential kit needed for your dental care. You should take proper precautions for your children and for yourself by visiting dentists to fix a sports mouthguard. Do not delay this treatment for your child as it can get worse if not fixed at the right time.

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