At Dis Dental, our goal is to make everyone flaunt their enchanting smile. A missing tooth in your bite is more than just an exposed area. It makes you feel hesitant and lowers your self-esteem. You would probably not smile in pictures because you want to hide your tooth loss in front of everyone.

  • Why Choose Dis Dental?

    Dental implants have become an important and efficient procedure for tooth replacements in today’s advanced dental world. They have the following benefits:

    • Greater
    • No damage to the surrounding teeth
    • Easy Maintenance
    • Long-lasting
    • Made of biocompatible materials
  • The Details of Dental Implants

    The dental implant which is a titanium post is tough and sturdy. It is injected in the jawbone whilst performing a surgical procedure. For an easy and successful procedure, you will be given local anaesthesia which will make you comfortable throughout. Once that area is healed, you can decide on having either of the appliances to the implant. You can select a crown, dental bridge or a denture, which suits you best.

  • What to Expect When Getting a Dental Implant

    In order to know in deep about the dental implants, we suggest you meet our dental team through an appointment. We shall discuss and analyse your requirements and get you forward. Our team shall enlighten you on all the possible solutions and will resolve all your queries apart from dental implants.

  • Are You a Candidate?

    Dental implants can be done by all the people who fit in certain criteria. We will evaluate your overall health, oral care, medical conditions, and if you are going through any current medications. We also make you understand the effects of smoking and teeth grinding on your oral health. Above all, it is necessary to assure you have enough bone material in the jaw to get an implant done.
    If you are planning to have a dental implant for you or for your family member, visit us for a scheduled appointment at St. Albans/ Truganina.