We offer customised denture designs according to your requirements to replace your missing teeth. This treatment is done with ease and in a comfortable environment. We understand that every smile is unique which is why our appliances are made as per your bite, choices and financial condition.

Why Disdental?

At Disdental, unlike other clinics, we have in-house dental prosthetist who would offer personalised designs onsite. We will take into account several factors before fabricating your dentures. Our prosthetist would see the number of teeth to be replaced, aesthetic appeal, fit and colour, current dental needs and budget.

Above all, with Disdental, you can choose the material you would want for your dentures. Our designs are made from a plethora of materials including flexible plastic and metal base. If at all, one of your teeth has to be taken out because of the prevailing dental condition, we can add it to the dentures instead of making a new one. It is always better to coordinate with patients directly to serve them better. In cases of any adjustments or relines, we can offer them onsite.

We offer two kinds of dentures:

  • Partials

    Partial dentures are fixed to your missing teeth around the healthy ones. They are best for restoring multiple teeth and come in plastic and cobalt chrome. Every design has varied advantages which is why we recommend you to meet in person to choose the best fit as per the need.

  • Removable Dentures

    These dentures are the ones that replace all of your teeth at once. The upper design is placed at the upper edge of your mouth and the lower part is sustained with the help of oral muscles.

Your first denture visit

Before the treatment begins, we discuss the possibilities of teeth that can be kept as is, if extractions are required and conclude the suitable treatment to be taken. If the existing teeth has to be evacuated, we will plan its extraction and the recovery time. We also have same-day dentures that are available but such prosthetics have to be rearranged once your mouth is fully recovered.

Denture Care

It is essential to maintain the upkeep of your dentures to avoid infections and unnecessary harm to the prosthetics. You need to remove your dentures every night and soak it in a gentle cleansing solution. Regularly clean your appliance before and after placing it in the mouth.

Visit our clinics in St Albans/Truganina to get your denture appointments fixed.