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Scale and Cleans

Maintain your enchanting smile hearty by booking a scale and a clean appointment every six months. We offer deep cleans and laser therapies to cleanse heavy build-up and gum disease.

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Dental Fillings

Our choice of tooth-coloured fillings is devoid of metal and causes minimum harm to your teeth. With white composite, CEREC and porcelain designs available, we offer the best that is suitable for you.

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We offer personalised mouthguards for sports enthusiasts that safeguards your smile and the tooth enamel.

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Extractions are necessary if your tooth cannot be restored. In cases of acute pain or chronic gum disease, tooth extraction is always recommendable

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Root Canals

We are experts in treating root canals with the help of laser endodontic treatments that ensure absolute success and cutting-edge results.

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Wisdom Tooth Removal

Third molars give rise to crooked teeth, swollen faces, and discomfort. With the help of sedation, we perform dental surgeries that make you feel comfortable during the entire procedure

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Our personalised dentures and partial designs are great solutions for a dazzling smile. Ensure absolute care and suitable fit with us where the middle man is not involved.

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Emergency Care

We provide same-day appointments for our patients of record. We have their appointments allotted so that we can treat the emergency patients at the earliest.

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Sleep and Snore Appliances

A mouthpiece can help you overcome snoring and sleep apnoea. We have appliances that ease oxygen flow during sleep.

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Myobrace also corrects the effects of oral habits like thumb sucking. Improve your child’s bite with our myobrace trainer. It is an orthodontic appliance that shall avoid further complex therapies for your child

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Sedation Dentistry®

We understand the nervousness many patients face while visiting a dentist. We have different types of sedation ranging from happy gas to general anaesthesia to make you feel comfortable and at ease.

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