Improper jaw growth and tooth misalignment at a young age give rise to orthodontic issues. According to research, crooked teeth are often a cause of oral habits such as thumb sucking, tongue thrusting and mouth breathing. Myobrace helps to overcome orofacial growth issues prior to children’s teenage in order to avoid major orthodontic therapies in future.
Being an oral appliance, myobrace is used extensively to treat crooked teeth and improper jaw development. Done at the right age of your child, it can successfully correct the jaw and tooth alignment with precision.

  • Reasons to Consider Myobrace

    As an intervention therapy, Myobrace helps to combat issues such as:

    • Dental habits
    • Jaw misalignment
    • Tooth positioning
    • Orofacial development
    • Speech difficulties
    • Dietary habits
  • How Does Myobrace Work?

    Mybrace is a petite mouthguard that is fixed in the child’s bite. Being flexible, it programs your lips, tongue and mouth to rest, instead of applying pressure against the teeth and bone. With the light pressure that it applies, it helps to expand the upper jaw which allows enough room for the teeth to be in the correct alignment. Your child is asked to wear the Myobrace for an hour a day and overnight. Thus, they do not have to wear the appliance for an entire day which could have been bothersome.

  • Designed for Young Smiles

    Orofacial expansion of a child can be seen clearly at the age of five. This treatment is developed for all the children between the ages of 5-9 when their bite tends to change and grow quickly. In some cases, it can be treated in the teenage years, however, this is rare.

  • Myobrace or Braces?

    Orthodontics helps to take proactive actions for your child’s jaw growth and tooth alignment. It has a holistic approach and avoids the use of inconvenient braces. However, for a smooth and proper bite, we might suggest some brackets and wires. Myobrace definitely avoids your child from extensive use of braces in the future.

  • Managing Bad Oral Habits

    Dental habits can largely affect the growth and the tooth alignment of your child’s smile. It is thus necessary to address these issues early on. Myobrace trainers are best to solve unnecessary side-effects of mouth treating, poor swallowing patterns and improper lip positioning

  • How to Get Started

    If you notice jaw misalignment in your child’s mouth, we can fix it with a Myobrace trainer and proceed with the treatment plan immediately. Our evaluation starts within a month of the treatment. We analyse the progress with the help of screenings in every check-up and update you with the same.