For an evergreen smile, the best possible thing that you can do is to get rid of extremely injured and infected teeth. If a tooth is nonrefillable, we suggest a tooth extraction even if doesn’t harm you. One has to be proactive regarding dental surgeries which shall help to avoid consequent infections, pain and oral emergencies.

Tooth Extraction Methods

It is to be noted that dental tooth removal techniques are not the same, they have different types. The duration and the cost of treatment largely depend on the type of dental extraction. It is related to the severity of the issue and oral anatomy. We offer the following tooth extractions.

  • Simple Extractions

    If a tooth is already ambulant and moves with the applied pressure, it can be removed by this method of extraction. This kind of tooth removal is easy and instant.

  • Surgical Extractions

    In some cases, a tooth is structurally stable which makes it more difficult to remove. Surgical extraction refers to sectioning of the tooth in two or three parts before getting it detached. This method helps in protecting the surrounding bone and assures a systematic and assumable procedure.

  • Wisdom Tooth Removal (Oral Surgery)

    The occurrence of wisdom tooth can harm the other counterparts causing crowding of teeth. It is ideally removed if one finds a problem in cleaning and if it has partially occurred.

Sedation Methods

We offer different sedation options for oral surgeries and extractions. It is necessary that the patient is comfortable in order to have a successful treatment. You are free to choose the type of sedation and option that is favourable for you. At Dis Dental, our sedation option ranges from happy gas to general anaesthesia.

Post Tooth Removal

After tooth removal which is ideally the first step for balancing your dental problem, the extra space in the mouth invites the surrounding teeth to take that empty area. Thus, it is necessary to fill the space immediately.
You can restore the tooth in various ways that include dental implants, fixed bridges and removable partials. We enlighten you on the various methods of tooth replacement before undergoing the treatment. A detailed analysis of all the possible methods and outcomes will help you make a wise decision. We believe in rendering the best dental services to our clients.
If you have any queries, feel free to call us or book an appointment at our clinics in St. Albans / Truganina.