Do you have misaligned teeth and wish to undergo a change? At Dis dental, we help you with the oral care that you have been looking around for a while now. Do not delay having aligned teeth because we have a team waiting to welcome you in our amicable atmosphere.

  • Why choose Traditional Braces?

    There is enough proof that conventional braces are have been effective in treating misalignment. Despite the presence of other alternatives, there are various benefits of selecting traditional braces.

    • Economical
    • Convenient even for extreme dental health issues
    • Suitable for teenagers and adults
    • Reliable results
  • What is the procedure of getting Traditional Braces?

    The first step to your brace’s treatment is to meet our experts for a consultation. Our team evaluates your teeth and oral health and discusses the desired results you expect. We would like to inform you that traditional braces are a suitable option before you proceed further. If we think, some other options might suit you well, we would even discuss that service in detail.
    We shall plan your entire treatment plan once you have made up your mind. We fix each bracket with precision with the help of a wire. We tighten the wire regularly in order to shift your teeth in the accurate positions. You will have to visit us every six weeks for the regular check-up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Two types of traditional braces are available namely the metal brackets and the arch wire. The latter one is connected to every tooth applying pressure on them. With this pressure, the teeth are pushed on the proper places. A ligature elastic or a rubber band is used to keep the arch wire intact.

The greatest advantage of traditional braces are that they resolve a plethora of issues like:

  • Teeth Gaps
  • Overcrowded teeth
  • A misaligned bite

Metal braces take a long time as much as a couple of years to complete. With the choices of brackets in terms of colours and invisibility, you can choose one which suits best. You will get accustomed to the braces within a few weeks of wearing it regularly.

Maintenance of your braces

Every patient wants a hassle-free maintenance post the treatment. Hence, we request you to follow some instructions which will ensure your braces are well-kept.

  • Restrict yourself on eating hard, crunchy and chewy foods. We will provide with you an entire list of foods that you must avoid consuming.
  • Keep brushing and flossing your teeth regularly. Clean fully so that there is no amount of decay, gum diseases or stains.
  • Schedule your follow-ups. We will book in advance for your regular appointments. We ensure that the wire is tightened in these regular meetings and ensure you are progressing.