Oral Surgery

Wisdom teeth at times can need an early extraction as they tend to affect the oral health of an individual. Owing to the area where third molars are situated, it becomes difficult to clean the area which leads to additional cavities and gum diseases.

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Get Impacted?

Sometimes, the lack of space makes it difficult for the wisdom tooth to grow. This impacts the third molars and they tend to grow in the corner or block themselves in the adjoining teeth.
The chances of the other teeth getting damaged are higher because of the added force by the blocked wisdom teeth. It causes shifting and crowding in your bite. Also, more often than not, wisdom teeth cause tooth misalignment more precisely at the front of your smile.

Can I Get Sedation During Oral Surgery?

We provide different types of sedation options to make you comfortable and at ease during the entire tooth surgery. Our experts shall discuss the possible sedation according to your preferences and comfort. We have sedations that include nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, IV sedation and general anaesthesia. We request our patients to inform us about their current and past medications so that we consider those factors before the procedure for your safety.

What’s Oral Surgery Recovery Like?

The removal of wisdom teeth promotes the health of your surrounding teeth and lowers the risk of minor infections. An X-ray will be taken by us to identify the exact position of the molars.
If you need to undergo an extraction, we ideally remove all the four molars at once in the same appointment by using sedation methods. This complete treatment is done in about an hour that does not allow you to spend a of time at the clinic.
At the end of the treatment, we advise you to follow some instructions that includes eating food which won’t bother your extraction sites.
If you are experiencing wisdom tooth pain, visit us in St. Albans/Truganina for fast recovery.