If there’s one terrifying and painful experience most adults have experienced before, it has to be a root canal treatment. At least, that’s what they say! Tales of people you know undergoing painful root canals are enough to scare anyone! However, what many don’t really realise is that the pain they associate with root canal is not really because of the root canal treatment they got done all those years ago!

What really makes it hurt?

The whole reason to visit your favoured dentist in Truganina or St Albans is the excruciating pain you’re already feeling in the tooth nerve because of the inflammation or infection. In fact, there could be the formation of abscess that could fill up with pus under the tooth base, adding to the pain.

Counting this pain already felt, imagine having to be treated at the dentist’s with technology that is relatively outdated. The rotary drills used earlier can certainly bring up bad memories of discomfort and anguish.

All in all, most of the pain that is often associated with root canal can be pointed to the symptoms you’re already feeling that made it require a root canal treatment in the first place!

Why wouldn’t the root canal treatment hurt as much anymore?

While you can’t possibly avoid the initial pain that lets you know about the issue in your tooth, getting treated has certainly become significantly less painful than what you knew it to be. Here’s why it wouldn’t hurt as much as you think it would.

Updated equipment: Compared to conventional dental tools, updated equipment such as electric drills and more has greatly reduced patients’ apprehension over dentist visits and gained appreciation for being less intimidating.

Localised anesthesia: Newer medicines make it possible for more accurate localisation of anesthesia for the required duration. This makes it possible for dentists to numb the area with better control.

Accurate imaging: The latest dental imaging technologies have made diagnosing dental issues a walk in the park. Further, digital x-rays and other such imaging technology leaves very little room for inaccuracy or mistakes.

Laser: Believe it or not, laser technology has found its way even in the dental field, making certain treatments take less than half the time! Where dentists earlier used conventional drills, a laser can quickly accomplish it without causing any discomfort or anguish!

All of these reasons and more make it possible for root canal treatments to be done within a short time and with significantly lesser pain. Compared to earlier years, patients can be more certain and unafraid of getting treated without postponing visits to the dentist every so often due to the fear.

So, if you’re dealing with extreme tooth pain and feel like you might need a root canal treatment at your dentist’s in St Albans or Truganina, make sure you don’t hesitate due to fear and get it checked out at the earliest!

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